a scoop of joy

We bring the ice cream to you!

We offer a range of mobile ice cream services to meet your needs. No matter the size of your event, Serendipity Two has great options to add a little fun to your day. Choose from one of our full-service trailers, or our cold plate cart. See below for more information about our catering services!

meet the ice cream trailers + carts

We have two adorable, totally refurbished horse trailers: Very Vanilla and Mint Chip. We have some décor that can be set up on the cart you choose or you can use your own to fit into your event’s desired look. These carts can be hooked up to electricity or we can use our lithium-ion battery to power it to make sure the ice cream stays cold.

Home Page Services Serendipity 2: An older renovated truck turned into an ice cream stand with a sign next to it

Very Vanilla

Mint Chip

Coming Soon – Neo!

Home Page Services Serendipity 2: Pink and white food cart with an umbrella over it

Cold Plate Cart

Cold Plate Cart is a pink and white cart that can hold up to 5 tubs of ice cream. It has an adorable umbrella to add to the feel of this cart. When this cart is plugged in for 24 hours it can keep ice cream cold for up to 12 hours unplugged. This is a great option for places where there is no electricity available. This cart is a self-serve cart.


Our pricing varies depending on mileage, number of guests, number of ice cream flavors, add-ons, and more. Please click the links below to see our detailed price guides for each of our catering services.

ice cream Carts

$300base fee
  • Guest Services: $5.75/person, minimum of 50 guests
  • Servings: Double Scoops
  • Mileage: $2.25/mile
  • Added Service Time: $100/hr
  • Waffle Cones: $95 flat rate

Cold Plate Cart

$150day rate
  • Trailer Rental: $100
  • Cart Delivery & Pickup: $150
  • Ice Cream: $75/tub
  • Add’l Mileage: $2.25/mile
  • Holds up to 5 ice cream tubs

With any of the ice cream carts, you’ll get to choose 6 of the ice cream flavors that we offer.

flavors we’ve been loving lately:

Chocolate Chip Mint

Cool mint ice cream with loads of chocolate chips

French Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream blended with a rich and creamy French custard

Triple Chocolate

Dark chocolate, French milk chocolate, and alpine white chocolate ice creams plus real chocolate chips

Strawberry Cheesecake

Rich cheesecake ice cream swirled with a thick ribbon of Oregon strawberry sauce

Lemon Sorbet

Dairy free & vegan sorbet, real lemon flavor

Cotton Candy

Pink and blue cotton candy flavored ice cream

At Serendipity Two, we love adding a special touch to your special day.

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